ROOSTER REVIEW- Rants, Raves, & Plain Out Retarded.

Written by Amber Garibay

Lunchbox Laboratory

1253 Thomas Street

Seattle, Wa

(206) 621-1090


I swear that it was the universe that made me eat the entire burger. I knew I was going to be devoured by flavor as soon as I saw the glisten of butter on buns. It beaded like honey drizzle sweat, until I felt the flush of wanting to eat it. They were golden to the brown of rolls, but soft like the squish of a potato bun, no seeds. I considered meeting the server half way except she was on it, putting my perfect burger down for the tackle. I would have clobbered her for a second more because I wanted to taste that burger so badly that I was chewing on myself. The tots I ordered looked like Scooby Snacks, crispy to the amusement of making me giddy like the up of a carnival ride. “I’m gonna eat that!” I knew it was mine as soon as I saw the server lift the platter from the window. It was a burst of color on the silver chalice tray. “What did you order?” Shawna asked.

Let me tell you what the menu says I ordered.

Hothead-Super Beef Patty, pepperjack cheese, bacon, and jalepeno-ranch dressing.

Rooster Review Cock Block- that description is retarded.

I ordered a Pothead (I am renaming it)

Pothead: This is a burger you can Cheech about, an actual account.I felt like the grub worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle just looking at it, and I was a munchie maniac as soon as that first bite hit me! Wow! It was like sucking on a Latin Lover, the meat was moist and the heat, the spice, “dame más” You are going to lust for this burger. It keeps your mouth moving through flavor and did I say bacon. I love everything made out of bacon, especially unicorns. This burger is not for the bland or mundane, the temperature will rise and you will like it. Jalapeno and the cool of ranch mingled with the combo of pepperjack. I want to lick something  just imagining the patty because it was a super piece of meat, succulent and large. Don’t expect to wrap your mouth around this monster because the Pothead has girth. You will be grateful for the size because when it’s gone you will be left with the craving ache of wanting more.

This burger is a RAVE and so is this review. Lunchbox Laboratory made me a city girl. I am now in love with South Lake Union. I hear there is one in Bellvue too and I encourage you to plan a trip to either because you have not lived until you’ve tasted this bliss.  The menu is out of this world, the people are fashionably forward, and the environment takes you back the the good old days of metal tin lunchboxes. The kind with Star Wars and such. The dining experience is memorabilia and it will earn a new favorite as unforgettable wimsy, the kind I like to call legendary.

Lunchbox Laboratory is legendary.

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